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1-11 users

SynJ® cordless business phone system

Extended range, cordless mobility, 4 lines and up to 11 users.

1-100 users

Synapse® business phone system

PBX functionality, up to 55 lines, supports T1/PRI, PSTN and SIP trunks.

1-24 users

Syn248® business phone system

PBX functionality, up to 8 lines and 24 users.

Solutions by industry type

Looking for a complete communications solution made for your trade? Learn how Synapse delivers the powerful business features your niche needs.


Better client communication, lower overhead and higher profit margins. Learn how Synapse makes it happen.


When quality is a priority, Synapse has you covered. Learn how it can help strengthen your operations and increase profit margins.


Improve patient communication, lower your operation costs and increase revenues. Synapse can help you improve outcomes.

Real estate

With Synapse you'll always make the right impression. Streamline client communications, increase referrals and enjoy more repeat business.


A real workhorse built on leading-edge technology and designed for IT businesses like yours. That's the power of Synapse.


Improve your customer service and exceed sales targets. With Synapse you can.

Solutions by business need

Long range

With SynJ, you can stay connected even when you're away from your desk.

Full-featured scalability

If you need powerful business features and room to grow, Synapse is a great choice.

Do-it-yourself simplicity

Syn248 comes with just two components, so you'll be up and running in minutes.

Hands-free mobility

With AT&T cordless headsets, you can keep on talking - even when your hands are full.

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See how Synapse, SynJ and Syn248 features compare at a glance.