Feature AT&T Syn248® AT&T SynJ® AT&T Synapse®
General features
Extension capacity: base/maximum 24 / 24 10 ext plus base 100 / 100
Line capacity: base/maximum 8 lines 4 lines 55 lines
Message waiting indicator (MWI) X X X
Redial X X X
Quick dial keys 9 10 10
2-year warranty X X X (5-year available)
Feature AT&T Syn248® AT&T SynJ® AT&T Synapse®
System features
External music on hold* X (side port SB35025) X X
Group mailboxes     X
Guest mailboxes     X
Line appearance mode X X X
Outbound call restriction     X
Overhead (external) paging X (side port SB35025)single   X multi
Paging zones X   X
Park     X
Pickup     X
Preset configuration X X X
Remote admin X   X
Remote voicemail retrieval X X X
Ring groups     10 programmable ring groups
Simultaneous calls: max lines 8 4 55
SIP trunk gateway, up to 16 SIP trunks     X
Supervised transfer X X X
T-1 gateway, 23 voice channels     X
Unified messaging     X
Voice message recording capacity** 30 min per extension 180 min per system (shared across extensions) 30 min per extension
Voicemail to email     X
Voicemail, built-in X X X
Web-based administration X   X
Wireless handset   X X
Wireless headset X X X
Feature AT&T Syn248® AT&T SynJ® AT&T Synapse®
Call management features
Auto attendant, built-in: schedule/ menus 1 per system (day/night mode) 1 per line 4 per system, 20 menus (day/night/holiday mode)
Call conference X X X
Call forward X   X
Call forward, no answer X   X
Call hold X X X
Call log X X X
Call queue     X
Call screening   X X
Call transfer, blind X X X
Call waiting X X X
Caller ID, built-in*** X X X
Caller name directory match X X X
Deskset paging X X Push to talk X
Directory 100 system, 50 user 100 per user 100 system, 50 user
Do not disturb X X X
Door phone     X
Hands-free intercom     X
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*Music-on-hold functionality should only be used in conjunction with music specifically licensed for on-hold use. Licensed on-hold music is available from many third party suppliers. AT&T disclaims any liability arising from the failure to obtain such a license.

**Actual recording time depends on individual message characteristics.

***Use of caller ID feature requires a subscription available through your local telephone company.