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Synapse<sup>®</sup> cordless handset

Synapse® cordless handset

Component of Synapse business phone system. Customizable to support up to 100 users.


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Component of:

Synapse business phone systems

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Highlighted features

  • Allows you to speak and listen without holding the handset. This leaves your hands free to do other things and lets more people in on the conversation.
  • Duplicates most functions of the SB67030 deskset
  • Speakerphone
  • DECT 6.0

General features

  • Headset compatible (2.5 mm jack)
  • Large lighted display on handset

Package contains

  • 1 cordless handset(s)
  • 1 charger(s)
  • 1 ac adapter(s)
  • 1 battery pack(s)
  • 1 belt clip(s)
  • User's manual
  • Quick start guide